Island Gold Slots

Island Gold Slots

If you have a penchant for playing slot games from Wager Gaming, you will certainly like this one. The idea of an island packed with gold sounds good, but does this game live up to the promise of the title?

We shall soon see. But we should warn you, the game is not as complex as you might have expected. Wager Gaming have developed some more involved games than this one, but you might still enjoy it if you check out our review first.

Reels and lines in play

You get five reels in Island Gold, but you get the same number of paylines too - just five. It does at least mean you can easily cover the lot, no matter what budget you have.

Bet amounts you can use

If you like penny slots, this one can be played in that manner. You could also go higher - up to a maximum of $10 on each coin and line.

Island Gold special symbols

If you were expecting things to pick up a bit here, we are sorry to disappoint you. We should point out there is no wild to look for, and the game's makers haven't included a scatter either. This is a shame, because you are then restricted to trying to line up enough regular icons to deliver a prize of some kind.

Mind you, the top prize here is worth 10,000 coins if you can find the Island Gold logo in every position on a line you have placed a bet on. That's good, but what are the odds of winning it, we wonder?

Island Gold bonus features

Well, with no wild or scatter, it won't shock you to learn this game has nothing in the way of a bonus feature.

Make sure you download and play Island Gold slots today!

It is a real shame not to find any free spins to be had here, and there is nothing else to look for other than regular prizes, either. There is no progressive jackpot either.

You can play this as a penny slot of course, and that should attract some lower-budget players into the mix. But if you like your slot games to come with lots of perks and unusual features, well… you would be better off looking at some of the other titles in the Wager Gaming collection. This one may not be worth playing for too long.