Can You Grab Some Cash in Cash Grab?

We know, it's an obvious title, but we think it's a question you will be asking yourself when you take a look at this slot from WGS Technology. This is a classic game and the creators have kept things nice and simple here. That's a bonus, and you'll certainly feel as though you're sitting in front of a regular casino slot machine.

To learn more about this fun and bright slot game, keep on reading. We've got all the facts right here.

How many reels and paylines can you look forward to?

There are three reels spinning on this game, and just the one payline.

What coin values can you choose from to play Cash Grab?

You've got an impressive collection of coins to play with. A variety of values from a single cent to ten dollars can be wagered. You also have a chance to bet one, two or three coins on the payline.

Does this slot game have any special symbols?

Check out the pay table by clicking on the pay table button on the bottom left. There are separate prizes depending on whether you play with one, two or three credits per spin.

The Cash Grab logo is a wild symbol in this slot game. If you get one completing a winning line, the usual prize you'd get is doubled for you. If you are lucky enough to get two on a winning line, your prize receives a 4x multiplier.

Aside from that, you have the usual cherries and bar symbols you would normally associate with a three-reel, single-payline game.

Can you play a bonus round in Cash Grab slots?

Actually yes, you can! That might come as a surprise, since this is a basic slot. However, you need to find a bonus symbol on reel number three to trigger it - and you need to be playing with three coins. As such, it's worth reducing your coin value and playing with three coins to have a chance of unlocking it.

When this happens, you are presented with eight bags of gold. You have to choose one to reveal what you have won - after which the contents of all the bags are revealed.

Download and enjoy playing Cash Grab slots today!

This is a pretty good slot, considering it is a three-reel version based on classic casino machines. With the addition of a bonus round, Cash Grab could be one of the best three-reel options out there today.